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Hello,Creatures and Others.... I'm Vipra

I do not have a Last Name,Nor I do not care. For such a thing.

My name means Moon Vipra Rea,its truly an odd name. Who can I blame? Hmm I truly do not mind. I love the name <3 Aah yes anyway I'll be going to this school Monster High Sound weird and silly to me. I have a pet cat like creature name "Asy". She somewhat special to me. I guess,I precisely came from another world called "Wildvale". It the most highly odd and charming place of all. Want to be friends just say so.. Trust me I don't bite...MUCH! ((RP pURPOSES)}

(Planning to keep this active despite I’m not into the fandom anymore)
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i felt this needed to be cleared up


this truly is a lovely lovely song…. maybe i should preform this to a small group… maybe at a party or something. 

(My all time favorite)

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you wanna fight? alright let’s take this outside! the stars are so bright tonight. the moon looks so nice. hold my hand

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